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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. Create an online forum for customers to discuss their experiences with heat pumps and share tips and tricks.

2. Develop an interactive quiz to help customers determine the best heat pump for their needs.

3. Create a blog that features stories about the benefits of using heat pumps and how they can save energy and money.

4. Develop an online calculator to help customers estimate the cost of installing a heat pump.

5. Create an online store that sells heat pumps and related accessories.

6. Develop an online course to teach customers how to install and maintain their heat pumps.

7. Develop an app that allows customers to track their energy usage and compare it to the average in their area.

8. Create a video series that demonstrates how to properly install and maintain a heat pump.

9. Develop an online tool that allows customers to design their own custom heat pumps.

10. Create an online community for customers to ask questions and receive advice from experienced heat pump owners.

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